Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amazing Photos: Gigantic Dam in Iran

Karun has the highest discharge among the rivers in Iran, while it is the longest river in the Country. The River length is 950km and the area of its catchment is 60.000 km. Karun is the only River in Iran which is navigable by boat. The source of the Karun is called Abkaj, located on Zardkuh-e Bakhtyari Mountains. The River originates from the Zagros Mountain Range. After winging through mountainous areas and flowing into the Khuzestan Plain, it reaches an area named Gotvand. The Karun is divided into two branches in the north of Shushtar, joining each other again on the south of Shushtar. The main branch of the Karun is the Dez River, which is joins the Karun on the north of Ahvaz. The Karun joins the Arvand River on the Iran–Iraq boarder, and eventually flows into the Persian Gulf.

Truly Amazing Photos of Gigantic Dam in Iran
Gigantic Dam in Iran Highlights:
Height from the foundation 205 (m)
Height from the river bed 185 (m)
Crest length 462/28 (m)
Crest level 850 (m)
Crest width 5.5 (m)
Width on the foundation 29/5 (m)
Total volume of concreting 1300000 (m )
Operational normal level 845 (m)